1976 JUGG BOX Stuff 060G All-Tube Guitar Amplifier
Japanese Mesa/Boogie Mark I Lawsuit Replica w/Documentation!
Below, you will see 2 photos of a vintage MESA/BOOGIE MARK I Amplifier.  Notice how closely my Jugg Box Stuff O60G amplifier (above) resembles the design,
as well as the function, of the original.  Jugg Box even used an Altec-Lansing speaker for the replica, which is original, as are all components of my amplifier.
This is a very rare Japanese vintage "lawsuit" amplifier from 1976.  Jugg Box (Nihon Hammond, Ltd.) was impressed
with Mesa/Boogie's Mark I amplifier and decided that they would build a Japanese version that would work in Japan
using a 100v power supply.  They copied the amp unbelievably well, and I was shocked when I read in the 1976
catalog that my amp cost 160,000 yen back then... that's like $1,500!  These were very popular in Japan, as they
truly sound exactly like the original Mesa/Boogie model, and mine is in high collector condition.  The reverb is
gorgeous and the amp has no electronic shortcomings whatsoever.  It runs on 100v, so you'd need a power
transformer to run the amp in the US or the UK, but it is worth it.  The Japanese made very few amplifier clones,
and this one could very well be the poster-child of the entire movement.
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