1978 Tokai LS-50 Les Paul Reborn Including Hard Case
Sorry, this guitar is Not For Sale
This outstanding example of Japanese craftsmanship is a very early Tokai Les Paul Reborn LS-50. The moment I
pulled this guitar from the case I knew I was holding something special.  It's the feeling of real craftsmanship & pride
in your work.  Being a craftsman & artist myself, I always appreciate when I get the privelege of touching and playing
another artist's work.

Anyone who knows Les Paul's, knows that the Japanese took over when Gibson sold out to Norlin.  And within a few
years companies like Yamaha, Greco, Aria, and in particular Tokai, started to become known worldwide for their
great replica guitars, and why not?  The original Gibsons were fantastic, and when corporate mentality took over
that company something had to suffer, of course it was the guitars.

These guitars are called the lawsuit guitars for a reason; they copied the originals to perfection.  Why else does a
Tokai Les Paul Reborn command prices of over $10,000.00, if you can find a high-end, mint one?  The Reborns &
Reborn Olds were only made for 3 years, and they are becoming scarcer by the day.  In truth I hate to sell any of
them, but that's what we do, so here's your chance to get a piece of history before they are all gone.

The LS-50 is the beginning of the series, culminating in the LS-200.  The rosewood fretboard is so dark it's hard to
tell, but I would think it is Indian rosewood, not Brazilian.  It is all original except that it may have a newer input jack,
as it looks like it has little wear on it. No signs of any work done there, though.

It's in really really good condition, the top is almost flawless except for a couple of marks you can barely see in the
photos.  The neck has one ding about 3 inches away from the body attachment; doesn't affect the playability or
looks. There is a lot of buckle rash on the back, but they are so light any luthier worth his salts could buff them out
with some work, as none of them penetrate the finish.  Everything on the guitar works perfectly.

Getting to the playability and sound, it's very good.  It's one of those guitars you just love to hold, and then when you
find out the playing is effortless and the sound fantastic, you know you've got a real gem.  I love it, and know the
person who buys it will feel the same.
Mfg. Year
Serial #
Fret Wear:
8+ lbs.
Neck Profile:
Chunky C Shape
Woods Used:

3P Solid Maple
3P Mahogany
1P Mahogany
Finish Type:
Nitro Lacquer
99% Original
Case Included:
Hard Case
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