1979 Greco SE500 Super Sound 1950s Replica Stratocaster
Gig Bag Included
Sorry, this guitar is Not for Sale
If you're looking for a super-nice vintage classic 1950s style player Strat for gigging and not for stuffing under a
bed or in a closet, then this is your ticket!  Those lawn-furniture quality Fenders from the 1970s now fetching well
over $3,000 now really perplexes me.  I had my fair share of those horrid, heavy axes.  Could have put a credit
card or two between the neck and neck pocket on 90% of them.  Now, during this same time, Greco and a handful
of other Japanese companies were flying under Fender's radar, hand-crafting amazingly-accurate replicas of
Fender's best and most classic instruments across the pond.  I personally believe that once guitarists get over the
whole "if it's not made in the USA, it's no good" mindset, which is already happening, they'll discover a world of
amazing instruments that will reward them for being great musicians.  We musicians earn less than most other
professionals, so why do we consistently reward companies that build us cheap instruments priced more than 3
times their worth as instruments?  I digress... Let THIS guitar change your mind about Japanese vintage guitars.
You will never regret the decision, and be prepared to make a great investment - these are very rare indeed.
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Guitar #07NL
Mfg. Year
Serial #
Fret Wear:
8.5/10 Condition
7 lbs. 14 oz.
Neck Profile:
Heavy C Shape
Neck Width at Nut &
12th Fret:
1 11/16 in.
1 15/16 in.
Woods Used:
Body: Ash
Neck: 1PC Maple
Finish Type:
Nitro Lacquer
100% Original
Case Included:
Gig Bag