1980 Yamaha SL550S Studio Lord 1960s Les Paul Replica
Sorry, this guitar is Not for Sale
The Lord of the Studio! It surely is - and this one is one of the very first... you can tell by looking at the headstock.
The really early ones had the open-book Gibson-style headstock while most later versions had the unique Yamaha
headstock design that adorns SA and SG models as well as the SL line. It weighs 8.5 lbs, nice weight for a Paul.
Three piece mahogany back, three piece maple top.  Stunning perfect cherry burst paint job.  Check the photos.
Condition is 8/10  it's got a few bumps, scratches and bruises, nothing major, check the photos.  The top is in really
great condition, near perfect.  The hardware has a beautiful patina on it, very cool.  The top two tuning pegs are
bent, but the funny thing is when tuning the guitar I didn't notice them, in any case they can be straightened by a
good luthier or replaced.  But I found them fine when tuning. It has the push pull pots, thus the "S" designation.  I
played it, and it plays & sounds fantastic.  Very powerful pickups, really clean and clear sound.  But punchy and
growls when pushed.  It's a fantastic guitar, Yamaha, what else can I say.
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Mfg. Year
Serial #
Fret Wear:
8.5/10 (even wear)
8.5 lbs.
Neck Profile:
Medium C Shape
Finish Type:
Case Included:
Gig Bag
I'd like to talk about Yamaha for a bit.   I was on the Gear Page one day and people were talking about
Yamaha guitars and how good they were.  Then one fellow wrote in to say that if he had a Yamaha
lawnmower, then I suppose he'd have to get a Yamaha guitar too.

He thought he was being clever, but the poor ignorant bloke just didn't know how foolish he sounded to
an educated person.  Yamaha is a fantastic company, that's why they are so successful.  Besides guitar,
I play clarinet, sax & harmonica.  When I was looking for a sax my teacher told me, "Well you could get a
Selmer, but the Yamaha is just as good."  We talked about Yamaha for a while and he told me that all of
their top of the line instruments could compare to the best of the best.

Personally I started buying Yamaha's a few years ago.  I got a few Studio Lords & Lord players.  Then I
got an SG-2000.  Before I knew it that's all I wanted to play.  Then I graduated to the SG-3000.  In Japan
I found an SG T2 one of the ultimate SG's available, but only in Japan and very limited. Then I tried the
Weddington, and finally the Yamaha Pacifica 1412 & 1421 guitars.  By the way, those last two guitars are
one of the hardest to find guitars worldwide.  Try to find one, and if you do.... Please let me know, I'd like
to add it to my collection.  I just want to say, that Yamaha's are great and so is this one.