1980s Aria Pro John Lennon Rickenbacker 325 Clone
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Aria Pro II are some of the most under-rated of all lawsuit-era Japanese guitars, mainly due to the (usually) poor quality
of their export-model guitars that people outside of Japan see often. What they rarely see are the Japan-domestic models
that I have had the pleasure of playing. Yes, there are a wide range of models, from cheap to luxurious, but almost all of
the domestic models are noteworthy in their tone and playability. This is a rare Ric clone, the type John Lennon liked to
play all those years ago. The scale is about the same, as is the feel and tone and look. It's no wonder Rickenbacker
regularly patrols eBay and other sites and prevents them from coming up for sale. I do not support the manufacturing of
clone guitars, that infringle on copyrights and trademarks, but I do appreciate the rare guitars that are still floating around
in the used market. They are worth putting to the test. Recently, the original guitar player from the Bay City Rollers
contacted me, looking for this guitar. It was sold long ago, but he is now in one of the best Beatles tribute bands and plays
one just like this on stage, that I helped him locate through a friend of mine.