1980s GUYATONE FLIP 300FCX All-Tube Guitar Amplifier
Marshall JCM Series Replica
Sorry, this amplifier is Not for Sale
You probably have never seen a Japanese replica tube amplifier before, but here is one of the finest that they made
back in the heyday of lawsuit replication.  This particular model by Guyatone is a clone of one of the Marshall JCM
series combo tube amplifiers of the same era of the 1980s.  Guyatone copied all the internal electronics, used the
same tube configuration and even installed a Celestion G10L-35 speaker for good measure.  This is a high-end
replica that I bought in Japan back in '02 for about $700 USD.  This is not a cheap knockoff amp.  It has all the tone
of the best Marshalls, but you can get that tone at a lower volume than the Marshalls somehow.  It runs on 100v
power, so you'd need a transformer to use it in the US, UK and Europe.  If you know which model of Marshall this is
a clone of, let me know, as I have seen a few, but not with the same amount of knobs/inputs.  This is a very
well-respected vintage amplifier in Japan and many Japanese rock stars have used this type of amp for
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