1981 7okai TA-35 Solid State Guitar Amplifier
1955-1964 Narrow Panel Fender Champ "Lawsuit" Replica!
Sorry, this amplifier is now SOLD
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Yeah, this is pretty cool - a dovetail-jointed maple Tokai lawsuit Fender Champ (circa 1955-1964) amplifier replica!  
Truly a gem of a find...  I don't really know anyone else who has ever had one of these, so I can't tell you much about
it other than the fact that it is ridiculously rare in any market, Japanese or otherwise.  It is a solid-state amplifier, unlike
the original Fender tube model, but it does sound pretty amazing even though.  It has a crystal-clear tone that lets the
guitar's nuances come out and the knobs are tight and are not scratchy. There are few of these beauties in existence.