1983 Fender Japan JV ST57-115+
1957 Reissue Rare Order-Made Purpleburst Stratocaster
Sorry, this guitar is now SOLD
THE finest Fender "JV" Stratocaster I ever had. Completely a closet find. There are no others like it, to my
knowledge. It pains me to look at these photos. I should have never sold it. Full nitro finish, all USA pickups
and hardware, strings and strap from the era, manual, etc, etc. Pretty much a mint condition JV. The only
problem with it was that it was so beautiful, I doubt any owner ever did or ever will play it much. This one
could easily be featured as one of the best JV guitars ever made and certainly should be documented,
which is why I re-posted it for people to see. It's an incredible guitar.
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