Bacchus Guitars and Basses:

Bacchus Guitars and Basses were founded by a company named “Headway,” that started making acoustic
guitars back in 1977. By 1981, they decided to join the ranks of Japanese electric guitar makers, and build
lawsuit Stratocasters, to start. In 1991, Headway started “Deviser,” their division of unique and very high-end
original-series electric guitars. Their motto was “devising the future,” hence their name “Deviser.”
Deviser made a lot of their own original pickups and electronics, a technique that other Japanese companies
usually didn’t do. So most Bacchus/Deviser/Headway guitars and basses are fully-equipped with original parts,
which I think is really cool. They make ALL of their own stuff, and believe me, their pickups sound amazing. The
Fender replica single-coils really capture the Fender tone and the Gibson replica PAF’s sound like PAF’s!  Some
special models come stock with Lindy Fralin pickups, or sometimes the basses come with Bartolini pickups stock.
The woods Bacchus uses are extremely expensive and rare woods. The grain on the wood they use is amazing
on every model. They bookmatch woods that aren’t one piece, and use high-quality nitrocellulose for the finishes
on most mid-range to high-end models.
Bacchus makes a “Universe” series that really captures the idea of extraordinary Bacchus guitars without the
high price. They are really popular for their tone and playability, too.
Of all Japanese companies making bass guitars, Bacchus is by far the best. They make the most amazing
basses I’ve ever seen or heard. I have one and it gets lots of offers and compliments wherever I take it.
For more information about Bacchus guitars and basses, visit their website
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