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How do I buy an instrument from

Just contact John by email and tell him which instrument(s) you'd like to purchase. Make sure to tell us where you live so we can quote you
accurately for shipping costs. Then we'll get right back to you with the total amount.  If you choose to purchase the instrument(s), we'll mark the guitar
on the site as "
on hold" for up to 3 days until you make the payment, at which time it will be marked as "sold." As soon as your payment in received, we ship
usually within 48 hours and will email you a shipping confirmation message with tracking information.

The most inexpensive way for buyers to send a payment is via bank wire transfer to our bank account or snail-mail a bank cashier's check or postal money
orders.  Credit card payments can be made through
Paypal if you are a verified US member with a confirmed shipping address.

Buying an instrument from is very easy and safe because...

1)  We have 8 years of experience with over 800 satisfied customers (99.8% of clients rate their experience as excellent).  Customer service and providing
   accurate information to the often misinformed buyer community is a priority.  We have owned over 3,500 vintage and new Japanese guitars and have closely
   inspected and learned from each one, noting each one's virtues and limitations. We strive to match the right guitar with the right musician.  It's important to us
   to send inspired musicians out into the world. We are passionate about our instruments and determined to show you why we hold these guitars in such high

2)  We pack all guitars personally by hand, using professional packing materials and boxes.  We also fully insure each instrument during shipment
   and provide
tracking and delivery confirmation, when available.

3)  We accept a variety of payment methods... as stated above

4)  We believe prompt and friendly communication is key.  You can expect quick responses and concise, detailed shipping/tracking information.

5)  If, in the rare instance that an instrument is damaged in shipping, we won't leave you out in the cold. We fully insure and will do our best to help
   you through the claims process. If you are unhappy with an instrument, contact us; although we don't accept returns, we may give buyers the
   option to exchange an instrument for another if possible.

GuitarsJapan Payment Policy...

We accept a variety of payment options, as listed below. Please note our stipulations concerning Paypal payments...

Direct Bank Wire Transfer

2) US/International Money Orders or US Postal Money Orders *shipping subject to payment clearance through our bank

3) Certified Bank Cashier's Checks or Personal Checks *shipping subject to payment clearance through our bank

4) PayPal (We only accept Paypal from verified members with confirmed shipping addresses. No exceptions, sorry)

GuitarsJapan Shipping Policy...

Generally, we can ship almost anywhere in the world. There are certain countries that have dimensional limitations that prevent us from shipping
certain instruments, so email us and tell us where you want the instrument shipped and we can check for you. We generally ship within 48 hours of receiving
payment.  We do not refund money in the event that the actual cost of shipping is lower than what was estimated/paid.  We keep in close contact with buyers
providing updates and tracking information.

Guitars Shipped from Japan to the United States, UK, Australia, Europe, Asia, South America, Island Countries:
We charge $170 to ship instruments overseas from Japan.  This charges include the cost of packing materials, handling, insurance (we always insure
for safety), tracking, and the actual shipping cost.  We only ship overseas from the United States using
Japan Post Express Mail Service (EMS).  This service
is very fast (estimated 2-5 day delivery), is very reliable, and has up-to-date tracking which we love.  EMS is the best carrier we've worked with.

Guitars Shipped from the United States to the UK, Australia, Europe, Asia, South America, Island Countries:
We charge $150 to ship instruments overseas from the United States.  This charges include the cost of packing materials, handling, insurance (we always insure
for safety), tracking, and the actual shipping cost.  We only ship overseas from the United States using the
US Postal Service Express Air Mail.  This service is
very fast (estimated 3-5 day delivery) and is very reliable.

Guitars Shipped from the Unites States to US Destinations/Canada:
We charge $60 to ship within the lower 48 US States, $80 for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, $90 to Canada.  These charges include the cost of packing
materials, handling, insurance (we always insure for safety), tracking (if available), and the actual shipping cost.  Instruments shipped within the US and Canada
would be shipped with the carriers
US Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx.  We choose the carrier that provides the best service for the destination.

Customs Fees:
Customs fees tend to be low in most countries, and in some cases, instruments arrive without any Customs fees due to the speedy delivery.  If there is a
Customs fee to be paid upon receiving an instrument, the financial burden is always the buyer's responsibility. By accepting the terms and following through
on a purchase, you agree to be held liable for any and all customs fees due upon receiving your guitar.  We must declare the actual value of any instrument
shipped overseas, and will not declare a lower value.  Only by declaring thew actual value would an instrument be fully covered by insurance.  We always fully
insure our instruments fully during shipping.

The Return Policy...

For purposes of clarity and to avoid confusion, our official position is: ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO RETURNS, NO EXCEPTIONS.  

This does not mean, however, that we will not entertain the possibility of exchanging one instrument for another, or on occasion, authorize a return.
We encourage you to ask all pertinent questions before purchasing an instrument in order to avoid this possible scenario. We are honest about
our descriptions and would be happy to give you an in-hand description if necessary.

For your protection, in the event that an instrument arrives damaged, we will work closely with you and the carrier to make sure you recover any and
all losses associated with the damaged instrument in question. In other words, We'll be there for you and will make sure you are compensated.

Our Guitar Condition Grading System...
Please read the description of each guitar carefully and the guitar grading system (below) for further explanation of how I rate the condition of my
instruments before purchasing so that you will know exactly what you are purchasing. I use the respected "Blue Book of Electric Guitars (7th Ed.)"
Grading System, which helps folks rate the overall condition of electric guitars. It states the categories (which I use) as:

10 - As New (MINT) - Factory new with all factory materials originally included by the manufacturer. Guitars in this category are as unplayed.

9.8 - Nr. MINT (EXC++) - Only very slightly used and/or played very little. May have minor "case" wear or light dings on exterior finish only, without
finish cracking, very close to new condition... may have a slight scratch - otherwise as new.

9.5 - Excellent + (EXC+) - Very light observable wear, perhaps some very light plating deterioration on the metal parts, extremely light finish scratching,
may have slight neck wear.

9.0 - Excellent (EXC) - Light exterior finish wear with a few minor dings, no paint chips down to the wood, normal nicks and scratches, light observable
neck wear in most cases...

8.0 - Very Good + (VG+) - Above average... More exterior wear (20% of the original finish is gone) that may include minor chips that extend down to the
wood, body wear, but nothing real serious, nice shape overall, with mostly honest player wear.

7.0 Very Good (VG) - Average... More serious exterior finish wear that could include some major gouges and nicks, player arm wear, and or fret

6.0 Good (G) - Sub-average... noticeable wear on most areas... major belt buckle wear and finish deterioration may include cracking, possible repairs
or alterations...

Anything below this grade will not carry...

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